Hello, my name is Jayme.

Many, many years ago, I graduated from UWO with an honours degree in Kinesiology.
In 2008, I completed my studies in Massage Therapy at the D'Arcy Lane Institute.
I have practised massage for over 14 years and added a number of complementary modalities to my repertoire:

  • 300 hour yoga teacher program
  • Yoga Tune Up certification
  • Advanced TMJ therapy
  • Visceral Abdominal Massage Certificate

I am passionate about patient education + empowerment.

I am quiet + calm.

I am going to know if you did the stretches I gave you.

But here’s what I think you really need to know about me:
I love what I do.
I care about my patients, my profession and people in general.
I look forward to meeting you,