Q. How much clothing do I need to remove?

A. Only as much as you feel comfortable. This will be discussed prior to you getting on the table + options are always available to ensure you feel safe during treatment.

Q. Do I have to talk? I'd just like to relax.

A. Nope, not at all. Just type, 'silent tx' in the notes of your online booking to ensure you can enjoy quiet time. *Note: the RMT may ask questions related to the massage techniques being used.

Q. Do you do online billing?

A. We currently do not, but will provide a receipt with the pertinent info needed to submit to your EHB.

Q. Do I need to shave prior to my massage/ I am blessed with a lot of body hair, is that an issue?

A. All good. No need to shave on our behalf, we use gel to ensure we can massage you comfortably. Lots of hair? We don't care!

Q. What if I need to use the washroom during my treatment.

A. No worries! We have robes available so you easily leave the room.